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Aion was released by NCsoft on September 22nd, 2009. It was a Korean based MMO with focus on PVP and faction based combat. Being from the developers of Lineage 2, I was quite excited for the launch. I had even gone through the effort of setting up a Korean account so I could play it before it was released in the US. It had fantastic graphics, a “flight” system (that was more or less gliding), and expansions already in the works. Once Again I had gone ahead and preordered the collectors edition.


I had grabbed a few of my friends from World of Warcraft to jump into this new MMO. One had even joined me in playing on the Korean servers, so we had knowledge going into the official launch. The game featured a two faction system like World of Warcraft. The Asmodians and the Elyos. My friends being Horde veterans preferred the darker, rougher looking Asmodians while I preferred the Elyos, but for the sake of playing together I conceded. The Asmodians featured talons, claws, and feather like manes down their spines.


After the initial amazement from the graphics wore off we quickly found however was that it stayed true to the Korean stereotype of being an extreme grind. While there was of course questing, the amount of creatures you had to kill to progress in level was staggering, and wearing a bit thin at this day in age of MMOs. We quickly abandoned Aion, and even though it went free to play later on, never returned. We had only made it through our twenties, we never even got to take advantage of the unique PVP system that involved mass combat and ranks and flight.