What’s This? A New form of post

So with this post I am introducing  a new process where I take on MMOs I haven’t played recently, or ever, and give a basic introduction of them via 3 hours of game time. Why 3 hours? Well, I originally wanted to do one hour, but for most MMOs that’s really only enough to MAYBE complete the introduction/tutorial. So three hours seemed like the next logical jump. Plus in this time constrained world, I thought three hours was a good amount of time to give a video game to see if it was worth holding your attention. The drawback is this amount of time likely won’t actually get you any real time experience with the “Multiplayer” content in an MMO, but since these are MMOs I wouldn’t normally come across, I guess we’re not at a loss anyway. And of course that leaves us with the bright side, if they’re actually good, then I will of course have to delve deeper and write more material on it!

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